25 Things Every Sailor Needs

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Book Synopsis

One thing seasoned deckhands know is that the ocean favors the well-prepared sailor. 25 Things Every Sailor Needs (and why) details what every sailor needs to have to be prepared, whether on a day sail or a circumnavigation. The book explains the reason you need exactly the right gear and how to recognize and choose gear that will stand up even in the direst of circumstances. Once you’re outfitted and ready to go, read Lance Gettler’s Ask Me Anything About Sailing Around the World, which draws on his 10 years of experience delivering yachts, fishing offshore, and living aboard ship. You’ll receive a wealth of firsthand experience and advice suitable for the aspiring sailor or the old hand.

About the Author

Written by Lance Gettler a professional delivery captain with 10 years experience living aboard and sailing boats.  He has more than 40,000 miles bluewater experience including a 13 month two-handed circumnavigation with his brother.

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  1. Rose Cassidy says:

    Thank you for the adventure! My friends are taking me out for a day of sailing, so I decided to do some research on the topic of ‘sailors.’ It occurred to me that man has been sailing for centuries, so there must be some legendary ‘sailing quotes.’ Google – ‘sailing quotes’….and there it was! My sailing friends have now turned their sailing friends on to your website. Sailors I’ve learned are adventurous, but cautious. Out there on the ocean….surrounded by the blues!

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